Any idea what this is?

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Any idea what this is?

Postby wetfetlover » 12 Dec 2013, 22:10

Any clues? I love that sort of thing :) I'm making a tank (like everone else is) and I'm thinking of adding some extras - a labour of love, but...

Also, When they user fire extinguishers in comedy, I presume they're not normal fire extinguishers (due to chemicals etc.); Anyone know what they are?

Finally, anyone hazard a guess as to what the splattgun is? That's quite cool too! hehe! :)
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Re: Any idea what this is?

Postby rubberjin » 16 Jan 2014, 02:37

There are various fire extinguishers, most of them you wouldn't want to spray on yourself unless you really were on fire.

Standard Industrial/commercial water-filed ones (as found round factories/offices) are (usually) just a tank of water under pressure, giveaway is a small valve on the head bit to re-pressurise them (one the ones I have it's a standard car tyre valve!), these can be emptied, opened (when definitely empty of any pressure), refilled, and re-pressurised with a standard tyre inflater.

I know guys who carry them in their land rovers to wash the mud off at the end of the day - and Banksy used one full of paint to rather good effect too.

You might find the AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) extinguishers would have a suitable foam-making nozzle (not sure how much is down to nozzle & how much is chemistry), but you'd probably want to give them a thorough flushing with clean water before spraying near people.

Don't try the powder ones, they make a hell of a mess. And don't try CO2 or Halon, both will suffocate you.

Usual safety disclaimers about compressed air, pressurised containers, chemicals, etc. etc.

BTW a safer and easier alternative is the Hozelock 5L pressurised plant sprayers, although they are a bit slow with thicker fluids (I use them for gear oil).

Other alternatives if you have a compressed air supply are Schutz guns, media-blasting guns or even paint spray guns, but spraying compressed air at flesh is FUCKING DANGEROUS and may result in air bubbles in the blood and DEATH. Standing some distance away (some meters) is safer but no guarantee - eyes & mouth closed / protected would be a wise precaution.

There's also the HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) paint guns, but I know nuffink about them other than they're spendy.
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