For Manure Sploshers

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Re: For Manure Sploshers

Postby Asteriod123 » 06 Jan 2017, 19:39

@TickleMeSilly5 can I have the video please
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Re: For Manure Sploshers

Postby gamwam » 21 May 2017, 00:23

anyone close toe the east mids uk with acess? or with a car and fancies exploring for somewhere to sink this summer?
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Re: For Manure Sploshers

Postby jh81 » 13 Oct 2018, 00:26

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Re: For Manure Sploshers

Postby mspig » 07 Aug 2019, 19:57

Ich love Nylons ,Manure Cowshit&Scat
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Re: For Manure Sploshers

Postby riktigatan » 08 Aug 2019, 19:13

messman wrote:i have all the same fantasies as you guys i to have played with horse manure with my gf but we found it was mostly straw and grass and very little poo but did smell good we have also played with sheep but we had to heat it a bit to mold it together was good fucking her through it then we got cow manure i have a few buckets of it at home for playing with the best way to collect it from the fields if to find semi fresh or fresh manure pull back the skin forming on top and scoop out the good soft smooth stuff doing it this way saves you getting any grass in it smells looks and feels great we fill the bath and cover each other in it pack it between us when we fuck i like to go down on her when her pussy is packed take a deep breath and tongue her through it she will also fuck me with a strap on while shoving my face in a bucket of it ( ring gagged) if she is feeling cruel so it fills my mouth she then some times duct tapes it but she needs to wipe the sides of my face clean or it wont stick but she then shoves it back in the bucket we even once put a flexible tube in my mouth so i could stay under for the whole time she abused me mmmmm it was brill we also wear tights and pack them with manure and play would love to play in a sluury pit or a cow shed i know or a farmer who hires out his shed to parties but he is on a scottish island and a bit hard to get to wonder if there is anyone in scotland got a farm wouldnt mind paying to use his slurry pit

That sounds amazing. Consider me jealous! Closest thing I've ever come to any of that is using a ring gag on my exgf and giving her a dirty swirly while I do anal on her. Wish it had been a bucket of fresh manure instead but beggars can't be choosers! Although I did get to at least force her to sit on horse manure once while she wore tight sexy breeches.
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Re: For Manure Sploshers

Postby riktigatan » 09 Aug 2019, 02:29

mspig wrote:

Very nice

Thanks! Shame there is only one photo set with a woman but she looks amazing and the quality is very good. Sure hope they get more shoots with models just as pretty!
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