Clothes Commupence (They lose their clobber!)

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Clothes Commupence (They lose their clobber!)

Postby andy250 » 18 Sep 2019, 12:22

What happens when you have three topless ladies and a lot of mess. Well! First off, the ladies find the custard colander which gets filled and tipped over Nicola. Then, play moves on to how much mess Nicola and Raven can throw over UK Cute Girl. Not one to be left out UK Cute Girl finds a way to trash Nicola and Raven. Then a cameraman throws a curved ball, he tells the girls to swap outfits. But! The girls have a better idea before they put the new outfit - not that the outfits can be called *new* covered in all sorts of slop - on, fill it full of anything they can get their hands on. Mr B'stard comes out with a classic idea, get ALL the clothes back from the other scenes and throw them in the pit too. Then make one girl put on several outfits! The bucket of doom makes an appearance, it gets filled and poured over UK Cute Girl's head - just to trash her! Custard pies fly left, right and centre. Nicola ends up naked - no change there then! UK Cute Girl
gets a foul gunge shampoo, summat about her hair needs to be totalled? Raven gets her knickers filled then forced to sit in them. The list goes on and on.

UMD Trailer: ... commupence

Full version here:

Extra goodies here:


Andy and the team.
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