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Use her!

Postby andy250 » 05 Sep 2019, 16:13

Toy has made a claim, she can take more mess and humiliation than Alisha. Toy also thinks she may have several forced orgasms in her. Well! Mr Hurtlocker is up for the challenge, so, makes Alisha vibe Toy with the Doxy while he uses a G-spot vibrator on Toy. Pies, gunge and goo cover Toy and wreck her already ruined lingerie. But, Mr Hurtlocker has more. Pegs for Toy's breasts - as fans will know this flicks her switch - she cries, 'No!' But, everyone knows it means yes. Once pegs have been applied - twice! She is worked over with more mess, it's not long before her first orgasm arrives. But, this is not the end. Toy sits there shaking, awaiting humiliation, it comes in the form of G-spot vibrator. She is told, she has to bring herself for a second time otherwise, Alisha will be trashed, again! Will Toy complete her challenge? How many orgasms will she have? Will, Alisha join in the second time and work Toy over twice? How many gallons of mess will get thrown about?

Trailer: ... eo/use-her

Full version here:

Extra goodies here:


Andy and the team.
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