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Home made gunge tips

Postby tilly8705 » 13 Dec 2017, 23:04


I have been a splosher for some time but have always tended to stick to old faithful products (mostly cartons of pre-made custard) on everyday clothing in the bath or shower cubicle

I currently have the opportunity to give an expensive prom dress a good send off so want to try something new, as I’ve always found that custard tends to “thin” quite quickly after pouring.

I’ve read with interest the ideas below of mixing up porridge/ready brek and was thinking of adding food colouring to several bowls for effectiveness. I don’t care if food colouring “dyes” the dress, but I don’t want it to be a pain to wash out of my hair and skin afterwards. I’m also concerned about clogging up the plug hole in the bath. I was also thinking of buying yoghurt, custard, a couple of messy cakes, chocolate sauce and cream. However I’m on a budget so please can anyone help with my questions above but also anything else I can buy which is cheap, easy to prepare and easy to clean away from the bathtub afterwards?

Thank you!
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Re: Home made gunge tips

Postby Squelch » 19 Dec 2017, 22:13

Hi Tilly

Welcome to the Splosh! forum.

If you're going to use porridge you will need something like a polythene sheet in the bath as the porridge oats may well block the plughole. Things like chocolate sauce, custard, sauce as you know will just wash away and dissolve :lol: You really need to stop anything solid going down the plughole :D When you've finished your sploshing you can just roll up the polythene sheet and bin it

But the beauty of porridge is that its lovely and gloopy and warm. Looks great on prom dresses too :lol: And its cheap.

Not really tried food colouring much but you could try some cheap coloured cake batter and black treacle to give you an all-over dark sludge.

Have fun

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Re: Home made gunge tips

Postby squidgybaws » 24 Apr 2021, 15:37

Hey, it's been a while! Now I use messysupplies, it's absolutely wonderful lol!
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