18-year-old first messy session. Advice?

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18-year-old first messy session. Advice?

Postby Themessyyouth » 05 Mar 2013, 11:47

Hi there!

So i might be experiencing my first messy session with a girl (and ever) soon. We're not in a relationship and she's recently come out as asexual but we've always confided in one another as we grew up, often sharing our sexual experiences with one another which helped us better understand the other gender. I've lived in denial of having a splosh fetish for several years and we often used to joke about the fetish together but it slowly dawned on me that what i initially thought was a weird fetish and what i though was just a childhood fondness i had for gunge and mess was actually developing into a fetish as i grew older.

Anyway I came out to her as having this fetish a few days ago and she suggested we have a pie fight in real life. If this goes ahead not only will it be my first messy experience but it will also be my first erotic experience (for me at least) with a member of the opposite sex. I have no idea how i'm going to react in such an event so i'm naturally quiet nervous about it and i admitted to her i'll be really awkward and embarrassed as she's said she wouldn't mind doing some of the more cheeky stuff such as being pied in crotch, rear and breasts . I don't know if i'll pop a hard on or not which would be cringe-worthy.

Can I have some general advice as well as where to do it, where to buy pie materials which aren't going to cost and arm and a leg, what to wear etc etc etc as i assume you're all seasoned veterans of the fetish. She wants something edible, e.g. whipped cream rather than shaving foam but apart from that I think that is her only request.
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Re: 18-year-old first messy session. Advice?

Postby Richard » 05 Mar 2013, 21:47

Welcome to the forum! It seems as though you have made a goooood(sic.) start with your young lady and I hope all will be well with your session. The best advice I can give is: "Don't run before you can walk; take it one step at a time". We all had to start somewhere, I looked at the experiences of others, pictures in magazines & shows on TV before I felt ready to try it 'for real'!
You will find out what your personal favorites are as you go along, I tried water, food, slime and mud before I found my niche was mostly food. That doesn't mean that it is the best for everybody, you just have to find out by experimentation what turns you on best.

Take it easy and let us know how you get on.
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Re: 18-year-old first messy session. Advice?

Postby Themessyyouth » 06 Mar 2013, 19:41

I think I got a bit over excited as a few minutes ago I decided to take advantage of my parents being out and pied myself twice in the shower.

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Re: 18-year-old first messy session. Advice?

Postby muddylittleminx » 08 Mar 2013, 12:37

Never be ashamed of having a WAM fetish, we are a lucky breed!

Hopefully, this session will encourage your female friend to get messy on a more regular basis and develop into something you can enjoy and become confident with.
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