Filling a bra....what substances work best?

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Filling a bra....what substances work best?

Postby muddylittleminx » 25 Feb 2013, 23:22

Hi Everybody,
It's been a long time since I've been last on here; too many WAM free days....:roll:
I'm normally into mud as my username suggests, but, recently I've been fantasising a lot about using liquid substances; and especially on my breasts. I've experimented in the past with pepsi etc but this time I'm looking to get really messy as I'm a D cup so luckily those bra cups are large; any ideas, suggestions???
I thought ice cream as I'd imagine the nipple sensation would be pretty mindblowing, or, just downright painful :shock:
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Re: Filling a bra....what substances work best?

Postby philmypants » 12 Apr 2013, 06:46

Custard is always a great option for bra filling, or you could make your own trifle in there, jam, custard and a good topping of squirt cream. One of my favourite deserts, especially when eaten straight from the bra, mmmmm
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Re: Filling a bra....what substances work best?

Postby matt2matt2002 » 21 Apr 2015, 20:10

Eggs for me.
Unbroken to start with.
Nice weight. A D cup will be quite heavy.
Tomatoes a second choice.
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but I can't prove it.
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Re: Filling a bra....what substances work best?

Postby Cum_kitty » 10 Sep 2016, 23:36

Egg's Or custard cat go wrong with custard
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