Poly Vs Paper.

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Poly Vs Paper.

Postby Blue Jelly Balls » 28 Dec 2009, 09:50

Earlier in in my amauter Splosh career a always used the traditional paper plate, maybe inspired by the classic Splosh pies of yesteryear, paper plate, flan case, custard & aerosal cream, which on occasion i still use, but mostly i like the big colourful foam pies.Soon after i had a tip from Clown Julie who advised me to use the polystyrene plate, you get a deeper fill & if you fill the bottom with custard they dont go soggy. So this is exactly what we did & for a while seemed like the perfect solution, however my victim..er..i mean my Wife was complaining that when i flanned her i was nearly breaking her nose, see trouble was i like to pie quite hard & really rub them in, but because the poly plate is quite rigid it wont take on the contours of the face, so we switched back, paper plate coloured shaving cream, SPLAT ! Your hand under the plate moulds around the face causing no injury & allowing you a very satisfying rubbing in. So no more unhappy Wife just hours of pie flinging fun & frolics, and we have never looked back.
The reason i`m telling you all this is because i wonder if anyone else has had the same problem ? Also i`m a huge fan of the stuff Splosh & Gilly do, for my money Gilly is one of the best pie throwers in the buisness, she really knows how to deliver a pie, i espcially love the sceenes she does with Hydee who plays the part of the stooge superbly, but when i`m watching them i see the same problem i was having, Gilly really letting fly with the flans with such gusto upon the hapless Hydee & find myself thinking ohhh i bet that hurt or if only that plate was wrapped around that pretty face.
Please understand these are not crittical comments just my own personal opinion & thoughts i have had from my own experiences.Finally i`d like to finish by saying the Clown Julie & Sammy Jane facesitting vid was without question the best messy download of the year. OK Happy New Year all.
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Re: Poly Vs Paper.

Postby katieessex » 28 Dec 2009, 11:50

My preference is for paper plates as they are softer and tend to mould them to the face especially if squished and rubbed in.
Poly ones arenet flexible enough, athough the deep poly dishes are good for delivering raw eggs and slosh to inviting hair, cleavage and knickers
Foil ones are a definite no no as they have little spiked holes on the base and can be very painful when rubbed in
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Re: Poly Vs Paper.

Postby BillShipton » 28 Dec 2009, 13:09


First of all thanks for saying Julie & Sammy was the 'best download of the year'.

I know exactly how you feel about the poly/paper question. We use mainly poly cos the nature of filming means the pies are often sitting around for a while which makes the plates impossibly soggy even with coloured shaving foam. However, Gilly likes to pie herself in the pussy and rub it round between her legs, and paper plates are essential for that.

I still prefer poly plates for throwing pies in the face but the secret is in how you deliver them. You start off fast so it looks like it's going to hit hard then ease off at the end so nobody actually gets hurt. Also use plenty of shaving foam, it acts as a cushion.

Finally, I am aware that paper plates are a lot 'greener'. Then again poly plates can be used several times if you are feeling really poverty-stricken after Christmas.

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Re: Poly Vs Paper.

Postby SlimeShady » 28 Dec 2009, 22:01

Use paper plates - either put a piece of clingfilm over it first to stop the goo making the paper soggy, or if you have time to plan ahead - a simple coat of emulsion paint the night before on a paper plate will stop it going gooey. :D
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Re: Poly Vs Paper.

Postby Hayley » 29 Dec 2009, 11:40

I quite like poly plates!! But then I like a bit of a 'slap' with my pie! As for covering paper plates in cling film or emulsion paint, too much like hard work!! Sorry, planet!

Hayley x x
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Re: Poly Vs Paper.

Postby messylaura » 12 Feb 2010, 13:00

paper plates are good for simple pies, poly plates are better for multi layer pies, or triffle pies
but pie casings whish are simalar to a plate shape are even better as they can hold a bigger better multi layer triffle pie ie custard, jam, chocolate and cream in one go with the added bonus they do get soggy and can be used in the wam itself and add to the thickening texture when everything gets churned up
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Re: Poly Vs Paper.

Postby La Perla » 25 Feb 2010, 16:52

I agree that the foil plates can catch you unawares with those nasty little holes in the bottom, they have very sharp edges. Those Party style paper plates can be fine but do watch-out for the rim-line, a paper-cut can be a real turn-off.

If they're being thrown, the pastry ones can be very good and the 'shatter' effect is visually pleasing. These are also good for sitting on and smearing.

However, the best of all is the sponge flan base. Well, the best for me that is. It rather depends on how you're going to use the things. I like the sponge base for cake-sitting. They are strong enough to take a fair spread of sticky syrup/treacle, then a good layer of thick custard and a topping [or two] of Dream Topping or Instant Whip. The mess gets first 'squish' and then the whole thing meshes together for really good spreading and Sploshing.

As I'm a fan of Sploshing in Drag, its important to me that gunge going inside the clothes gets really squishy and runny. So the sponge base gets my total approval as the winner.
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Re: Poly Vs Paper.

Postby PleasePieMeMistress » 16 Jun 2010, 21:23

I've tried Paper, Thin Plastic & Poly, but always found the latter two too light even when heavily laden with shaving foam. Maybe the best solution is paper, with poly underneath for added support? That way when you deliver the pie the poly should fall off allowing for more vigorous rubbing in etc...
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Re: Poly Vs Paper.

Postby sunrise_pie » 21 May 2011, 16:53

Does anyone know what you call the ultra-thin paper plate in this video and where you can get them?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4S2iDmHu ... 00&index=1
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Re: Poly Vs Paper.

Postby Wildebeest » 25 Jul 2011, 03:04

Looks to me like it's just your run of the mill coffee filter that's been laid out flat and filled with pie. They're $2 for about 200 of them here in the states.
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Re: Poly Vs Paper.

Postby alfawam » 28 Apr 2013, 07:53

I like the sponge flan cases, but I find they do not have enough strength on their own - they need to be on a paper (or poly) plate. Anyone tried shortcrust pastry flan cases?
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