Gunging a fried for the first time

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Gunging a fried for the first time

Postby micgunge » 02 Jan 2017, 05:56

Hi to you all.

First of all i would like to wish you all the best for 2017.
I had birthday a few days ago and a friend of mine offered me, that i can gunge him for his first time. That way i would like to have some tipps from here.

Would it be a good topic for the whole gunging session when i serve him a 3-course-menu? As appetizer i would serve him some soup in the form of brown gunge in a bucket. Main course would be baked beans with some salad. Baked beans itself and for the salad i would use a bucket of green gunge, for the dressing (joghurt) pink gunge. As aperitif a red wine in form of red gunge. For the dessert i thought about pudding (yellow gunge) and some ice (white gunge). And as a personal birthday present for me at least some confetti.
Do you have any different or additional ideas for his "menu"?

For the clothing i think it would be ok, when he wears some sandels, a jeans and a t-shirt. The main thing i'm thinking about is goggles. I'm actually not worried about his safety. I just want to ensure that he is willing to look up at the gungings due to i want that his face is covered completely by the gunge minimum one or two times. Also with them he can enjoy the gunge to the fullest. With the goggles on he has no reason to apologise for not looking up in my opinion...

What do you think? Thanks for you comments.
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