Fundraising Tips

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Fundraising Tips

Postby billie » 24 May 2016, 23:32

Hi all,
A long-time lurker here!

I'm doing a fundraising event late next month- somehow the idea got round to me being in a bath or paddling pool full of gunge!

I have a few questions for the pros out there!

I live in a popular touristy town, and with summer upon us, using the high street would make the most sense as it would make the most money, but I think I'd feel much more comfortable in the back garden and doing it all via social media- is that just something I have to swallow?

In terms of getting substances, I'm going to approach the local supermarkets for donations, and hopefully this will produce something.
I have a list of ingredients that were all suggested by friends
Rotten fruit/veg
Cold Vegetable Soup
Rice Pudding
Custard Pies
Olive oil
Flour/Cake Mixture
Pudding Mix
Commercial Gunge

Are there any more good suggestions or reasons why I shouldn't use those?

The way I think we could do it is by having buckets of stuff priced according to how gross it is, and accept donations too?
I want to raise as much money as possible of course, and would welcome any tips you might have. I'm not too worried about what I get covered, as long as it is easy to source!

Thank you all so much,
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