Cakes + ass?

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Cakes + ass?

Postby bonfire » 10 Feb 2018, 21:42


This is my first ever post in this forum! :o

I am from Sweden, 26 years old, currently working as a photographer. I love to bake.
I also love taking pictures of my butt, and with some whipped creme or vanilla sauce
it's even more nice :wink:

So why don't you tell me what to bake? I take som high qaulity pics and make a album
for you to buy. I get to bake, have a nice time with myself and some financial help with
my budget and you get the pictures that you want!

Hope to hear from you :D

*and just to be clear, we make up a price depending on what kind of baking and how many pictures you want, no auction*
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