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Greenwood History

Postby whiteunicorn » 24 Sep 2021, 11:35

A little potted history of the city which Greenwood University calls home; a little piece that sprung up while writing the opening to my next Patreon Piece. Think of Greenwood as the backdrop for a WAM soap opera. Think loves, lives, families, jobs and lots of messy fun.

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The renown university that had put this once small town on the map the same year it was founded. What had once been little more than a comparatively tiny market town had quickly become a focus for new and exciting commercial opportunities. Perfectly centrally located and with the promise of booming workforce and skilled professionals from all fields offered by the newly created university, the town swiftly grew to include all types of industry, commerce and services. This could have disintegrated into a capitalistic free for all had not the town governors and other officials who decreed the people should have a say in the growth of the towns capital endeavours. With an eye on its history of a strong heritage in traditional skills and one on the future in heavy industry, the city council took a path to please both camps. Alongside the expansion of its well founded industry in traditional shipwrights, a serious investment was poured into the development of a foundation for modern shipbuilding and design, requiring the talents of scientists, designers, artists, engineers and mechanics; to say nothing of the dozens of other specialisms needed to crew these ships when they finally set sail. This industrial boom created a perfect storm, the rising success of the town bringing with it a steady population boom of people from neighbouring hamlets and villages, which itself created a growing need for services. Restaurants and eateries, cinemas and galleries, leisure and sporting facilities including several top notch professional sport teams; all were attracted to Greenwood and both the city and the university adapted to them gratefully. To the extent that every course one could imagine being offered at Greenwood, along with the promise of employment at one of the prestigious companies the town was also known for.
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