Splatin' the satin.

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Splatin' the satin.

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All written content is copyright of Mr Andrew Wilcock,
any unauthorised publishing or editing is forbidden
without written permission from the author.
The characters and events in this story are fictional,
any resemblance to persons, whether alive or dead is

Chapter One:

JENNY WAS ON her hands and knees as she tidied the
garage Steve and herself used for sessions. Custard,
compost, plus other mess had stuck to the floor, walls
and ceiling!
So, as every good wammer knows there comes a time
when a good clean gets done. She glimpsed at the floor
in her marigolds and thought. Hmm? This side of WAM
is not glamorous? I’ll think back to the many messy
sessions I've had here, at the farm and Mistress's
dungeon. The day is nice so let's get this job done.
started and heard a voice.
'Well, doesn't this look sexy!' said Debs through the
garage door.
Jenny spun round, 'Well, hello you. I didn’t expect you
due back. Did your trip go well?'
Debs smiled and pointed to a bag she carried. 'I’ve
bought new play clothes and been on the phone to
Jenny got up and put her arm round Debs' shoulder,
'Let's go for a brew in the kitchen.'
They strode across the garden to the house,
Jenny's mobile rang, she answered.
'Well, well, how is the garage cleaning going?'
chirped Claire who had time off from the hospital.
'It was going OK, Debs has popped round, so I
stopped, she might have a bag full of sploshing clothes.
I hope.' Jenny muttered I hope, as she wasn't one
hundred percent sure.
'You know how Debs told you she had just been on the
phone to someone,' said Claire.
'Well, that person is me. No opening the bag until I
arrive, I'll be there in ten minutes,' Claire ended the
Jenny was none the wiser, but something was afoot?
Once the kettle was on, the sounds of mugs jangled
round the happy little home. Claire arrived at the back
door, 'Hello you two,' she beamed in the afternoon sun.
'Have you had your hair done?' asked Debs.
'No, I've changed shampoo's though,' replied Claire.
'Come in,' Jenny waved Claire through the open back
entry, made brews for everyone and wondered what
was in the bag. The more she thought, the more she felt
a session might be round the corner. But, didn't want
to say in case she'd got hold of the wrong end of the
stick. The trio sat round the kitchen table. Jenny recalled
the time Steve had tied her to it and covered her in
leftovers from the bin. Seventh heaven in her eyes,
that day she got trashed by the trash!
'While I was in America I found a shop that sells satin
lingerie and nightwear.' Said Debs to the cuppa duo.
'Oh? Tell us more,' replied Claire, she nudged Jenny.
'Well, while there I got chance to watch a few internet
movies. I saw one where a lady got tied to a chair in a
satin blouse and pants, she got worked over by a female
domme - which got me thinking?' Debs gave off a wry
smile alongside a raised eyebrow.
Claire's mind started to race. Oh God. Debs has thought
of a new session - this will be awesome. I must hold
hands with Jenny! Why do I always do this?

The moment felt electric, Claire and Jenny held hands.
Debs put the bag in the centre of the table, she pointed
at Jenny to get up and look.
Jenny let go of Claire's hand, inside the bag were three
pairs of shiny white satin PJ's, full sleeve with a large
neckline and five front buttons. Each jacket had a pocket
over the left breast.
Jenny lifted out an outfit to let Claire see and held it
against her body to model it. Debs, please tell us we will
get messy in them. Please!
Again, Jenny kept her
thoughts to herself, she didn't want to jinx the idea.
'Oh, those are lush. Are they for getting messy in?'
asked Claire.
'That's why I got them. Are you both ready to hear my
idea?' replied Deb's as Jenny continued to model her new
play outfit.
'Well, if you’ve planned it, then it will be downright
kinky. That means we need to know,' said Claire with
a chuckle that had a hint of sexiness.
Debs brushed her hand through her hair, 'We get tied
to several large chairs in Mistresses dungeon, I know
she has them, I've seen them in the garages.'
'Tell us more,' Claire sounded anxious.
'We have to give over control as we're strapped to
the chairs by our elbows, wrists and ankles. I think
it will wind us up more. Make us want submissive sex,'
Debs smiled.
Jenny and Claire's faces glowed. The thought of being
bound with no control aroused them.
Jenny asked a question, but didn't want to offend Debs
after she had made purchases. 'Clothes ripping?' She
glimpsed at the floor to avoid ruining the moment.
'Look at me, submissive one,' replied Debs.
Jenny stared at Claire, but fiddled with her hands.
'Why do you think it has a large collar and pocket over
the left breast?' Debs voice rose, 'Get those fuckers torn
off bitch!'
Jenny started to clap, then threw her arms round Debs
to say thank you.
'Now for the second part,' said Claire.
'What?' asked Jenny.
'I've been on the phone to your fella Steve, he should
arrive at Mistresses in the next ten minutes.' Claire
chuckled as she delivered the message.
Jenny knew it was going to be messy and submissive,
the control element made it extra special. She wondered
were Steve went earlier.

Chapter Two:

'SO MASTER JASON how are things with Claire and
yourself?' asked Steve.
There was a pause as Master J shuffled boxes out of
the way in the garages. 'It's on and off, to be honest.
I've had this problem before with other female punters,
Claire sees me in control twenty-four-seven. When we
meet outside work, it's not as intense as she would
like- That's how it's been for us.'
'Sorry to hear that.'
'Oh, no need to be. We still play and are close, but it's
more sexual than personal.'
'I'd never thought of it like that, I wondered if she would
be all right with you domming other women.'
Master J pointed to three large thrones that had white
dust sheets over them. They made their way over.
'Yeah, I thought about that, but it didn't get that far,
so no milk spilled. Like I say, we still play, damned
attractive lady, good body and a crackin' sub. As you well
know, she loves her messy play.' Master Jason pointed at
Steve to help lift off a sheet.
'It's Jenny's birthday next week. I was thinking-' Steve
stopped. Master J turned to Steve, he knew him well
enough to know he didn't stall mid-sentence. 'What is it?'
'Well, I wondered if Mistress would join me in taking
Jenny, you know one in each hole. Also, if I could make
her wank you or Master Derek off during the play?' Steve
seemed a little unsure of his position - out of his depth.
'Yeah. What you thinkin', an extra something for Jenny?
Why don't you get the other subs involved? I checked the
booking, Debs is well up for it, Claire will play. I told her
I would share her with Master Derek, she said yes.'
Sheets got lifted off the thrones, which were wooden
with large high backs, the arms had leather covers with
straps to secure elbows and wrists. Round the front two
legs ties were available to restrain ankles. The centres
had a big comfy red leather cushion.
Steve stepped back and gazed at them, 'Will these be
okay with buckets of custard lobbed over them? You know
what our bookings are like.'
'Hell, yes!' replied Master J.
Steve stood still, then blurted out what was on his mind.
'Master J, I only want to fuck Jenny. I know it sounds sad,
but I really, really, love her.'
Master J walked over and shook Steve's hand. 'Good for
you nice to meet an honest bloke. Are you worried about
myself or Master Derek getting too close to the love of
your life?' He paused. 'I don't mean that in a patronising
way. A lot of the guys want to have this conversation
and don't. So well done for talking about it.' Next, he
beckoned Steve to sit on one of the thrones.
Steve accepted, 'It's not that I don't want her to have
a great time. I just want to be the only guy fucking her.'
'We can do whatever you want. It's not a problem.
Look at it this way. It's a three way, so it will end up,
Jenny and yourself, Claire and myself, Mistress and
Debs. Master Derek might be in the dungeon if he
has bookings, if needed, he could join in.
‘We could try this,' Master J rose from his seat
and beckoned Steve to rise. 'Here, I'll show you.' He
got them in front of the middle throne. 'Right,
someone ties Jenny to the chair, you undo her ankle
straps, then lift her so her pelvis is straight and fuck
her. Mistress hit's Jenny with a few pies in the face
and breasts. I'll move in and slap Jenny's face a few
times, as she likes that. Then - if you give me a signal
I can get her to hand job me. Or, why don't you get
myself to lift Claire and put her pussy in Jenny's face
whilst she's still tied and you're fucking her hard.'
Suddenly Steve appeared more relaxed, he knew
everyone would give Jenny the extra treat he wanted
to deliver. As they moved the thrones into the wet
room. Steve talked pies, 'Why don't we give them pie
torture to the breasts!'
'How do you mean?' asked Master J as they tackled
the stairs. 'Undo their jackets so that only the bottom
two buttons stay in place. Then slap pies over their
breasts. The tops will come undone and slop will slide
over their nipples, it will drive them nuts.'
'Here's another! As they're not restrained by their necks,
we push them forward and slap pies down their backs.
Now - if their jackets are open as you've described,
their tits will slip out. We could add a few pegs. You've
seen them sub off that before.' Master J looked happy
with the joint ideas.
Steve came out with another daft thought that might
cause Jenny to orgasm from the sensation. 'I wonder if
her satin PJ's pants would be baggy enough if I pulled
them down slightly?' He appeared to think out loud, 'If
I could fuck Jenny through the material, so she felt the
pants up her vagina acting like a condom.'
Master J said to Steve, 'Fucking hell! That would be
novel, you then shoot your load through the material.
Jenny would hit the ceiling.' They discussed how baggy
they could make the satin pants go, would it be doable?
Steve helped position the thrones, then went to see
Mistress to add a few extras to the session.

Full story available here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Splatin-Satin- ... B01NBN08BT


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