Ultimate mud

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Ultimate mud

Postby messyalan » 21 Dec 2017, 12:54

For a long time now Carol had been wanting to push herself to the limit. She loved getting muddy but always found it not as rewarding as she’d hoped. If she brought mud home there was always the clearing up to do and protecting everything with plastic sheets. If she played outside it was finding somewhere hidden and then there was still the problem of cleaning herself as it was always difficult with a water spray so she never got as muddy as she would like.
However today was going to be different and her heart was beating fast as she set about getting ready. The weather was mild for a mid December day and the air was damp. She had seen a spot she thought was perfect and today was the day to try it out. Her husband knew of her habits but he was away for a few days visiting relatives so she could do what she wanted.
The first thing was to clean the car as it was covered in mud from travelling along country lanes. Once that was done she then took a bath and scrubbed herself clean. Next was drying her shoulder length blonde hair and putting on lots of make-up. Then a necklace, a watch and some silver bracelets went on before the underwear came out of it’s bags.
The white bra, thong and suspenders all matched and were nice and lacy. The stockings were white seamed lace topped ones which fitted perfectly.
Next came the short cream skirt and silky white blouse before a matching cream jacket went on followed by high cream ankle strap heels and a small white shoulder bag finished the outfit. She checked herself in the mirror before going downstairs and out to the car.
She could hardly drive she was so wound up and her hand kept straying down to pull her skirt up revealing her stocking tops.
After two miles she turned off the road and down a tarmac road that led to the spot she had chosen. As she drove down the track she deliberately drove through the mud splashing it up both sides of the once clean car. Finally she reached the spot where the tarmac finished and she drove cautiously onto the mud. As she suspected by revving the engine she could send mud flying up the car and even the windscreen got a coating.
Finally she was ready and she opened the door. Although it was mild she still felt a chill as the breeze came in. She stepped out onto the still firm ground and straightened her clothes. This was it.
She walked down the path and saw the first of the many liquid mud pools created by the farm traffic. She stepped in and both shoes went under the surface and she felt the cold mud inside her shoes. She walked a little way until she was out of the pool and then stepped into the next one. This was deeper and came to her knees. Although liquid it was nearly all mud with little water on the surface.
She turned and walked back towards the car and loved the way the whole side of the car had a thick layer of mud. She ran her finger through the mud which was nearly an inch thick in places.
She made a great show of wiping her finger clean on the bushes before turning and heading back to the mud. Through the first puddle and into the second before she stopped. Very slowly she knelt down and watched as her skirt sank into the mire. As she sat back on her haunches her bag also touched the mud and she pushed it under the surface.
Straightening herself up she then leant forward supporting herself on her arms and slowly lowered herself down. The mud crept up the front of her clothes and she felt the cold mud seep through her bra. Now for the final part and she went right down submerging her head in the mud. it went so quiet and she was so aroused. She came up briefly for a breath of air before going back under. This time she rolled on her back then back on her front to make sure she was completely covered.
She repeated this a few times before finally, exhausted, she got to her feet. Her bag had disappeared but that didn’t matter as she returned to the car. She opened the door and sat straight in with no care whatsoever for the mess she made. Reclining the seat she heard the mud dripping off onto the carpeted floor but she did not care. Wriggling her skirt up to her waist she pulled her knickers to one side and pushed her muddy fingers inside herself. With her eyes shut it was only a short time before she came with a huge cry.
She lay still for a few minutes to let her body recover and then she opened the door and got out. Walking back to the mud she lay back down coating herself anew. She then stood and removed her jacket which she flung into the hedgerow. The blouse was caked in mud so she just ripped open the front scattering the buttons before pulling it off her shoulders and throwing it after the jacket. The skirt came off and went the same way before the knickers and bra joined them. Finally, wearing her suspenders, stockings and shoes she lay back down and started to play again.
She could feel the slightly gritty mud fill her pussy but that only heightened the feeling. Lying on her back she let her head go under a few times and her mouth also filled with mud.
Finally she reached a crescendo and screamed as she came again.
After recovering she returned to the car and added more mess to the inside before finally starting the car and turning round. The drive back was okay as the mud on both sides hid her from view but she suspected a policeman might take a different view.
Once she was home she went inside and up to the bathroom leaving muddy footprints wherever she went. She climbed into the bath and started it filling while she pleasured herself one more time with the mud drying inside her.
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