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Buzz off

Postby andy250 » 04 Nov 2019, 13:00

Welcome to Buzz Off. The game where subs challenge each other to get trashed/destroyed. The rules: The sub must get a top/domme to control and arouse them. Once the sub is trashed they must hold off for as long as possible before having a huge orgasm. The tops/dommes are allowed to wreck their sub, which includes, ripping their clothes off, pieing them, gunging them, using them, humiliating them and degrading them. The list is long and numerous. But there is one stipulation. Each sub has to tell their top what flicks their switch. For Mia, it's getting her hair trashed with a foul mess like margarine. Toy enjoys being dominated, having her hair pulled, clothes covered in horrid mess, outfit torn to shreds and then used. Sex aids: Either domme can use as many as they like. There are also bonus points for the sub who humiliates themselves with mess. The sub who holds out the longest or orgasms the most times is the winner. Let the games commence, how trashed are Mia and Toy going to get? (Look out for Toy being forced to put her head inside Mia French knickers that are loaded with custard, cream and pre-cum!)

Trailer: ... o/buzz-off

Full version here:

Extra goodies here:


Andy and the team.
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