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Buxom Buddies, part one.

PostPosted: 16 Aug 2019, 11:25
by andy250
Let's start at the start! Lisa and Kate have already faced one challenge and lost!
Now they have to do another. The object is to defend themselves from the mess. It will either get poured over them by each other. Or, one of the cameramen will tell them to pour mess over each other or lob stuff at them. Oddly, Kate gets a rake of stuff lobbed at her?


Kate lobs lots of mess at Lisa and gets cheered on by the team! ... sRAWAD.wmv

Custard breasts. ... RAWAD2.wmv

Cameraman trashes Kate with soup, more soup and out of date single cream! ... eMP4AD.wmv

Full version here:

Extra goodies here:

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Andy and the team.